Intel’s new processor lineup

Intel’s new processor, the Intel Alder Lake (12th-gen), look really promising. Intel has announced their new processor lineup with its new design using hybrid architecture. This processor is utilizing Golden Cove high-performance cores and Gracemont power-efficient cores to work together and provide the best of performance while keeping it in a low power. It is fabricated using Intel’s intel 7 process which previously referred as Intel 10nm Enhanced SuperFin.

The Alder Lake lineup starts with three chips and their graphics-less variants, which is the Core I5-12600K and KF, Core I7-12700K and KF and Core I9-12900K and KF. This chips is equipped with 10 Cores ( 6 Performance + 4 Efficient) and 16 threads, 12 Cores ( 8 Performance + 4 Efficient) and 20 threads and 16 Cores ( 8 Performance + 8 Efficient) and 24 threads respectively, with its flagship the Core i9-12900k costing for $589 MSRP. Intel claims this chip provide an average of 13% jump in gaming performance, that beats AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950x flagship by 30% in gaming and providing up to double of its predecessor in Content creation performance.

The Alder Lake is also said that it could support DDR4-3200 or DDR5-4800 rams, it could also support PCIe 5.0. This means that Alder Lake motherboard will be using the new LGA1700 socket and Z690 chipsets, but no motherboard can support both DDR4 and DDR5. This means that users will have to choose either using a DDR4 compatible motherboard or a DDR5 compatible motherboard. But since DDR5 was just newly announced, getting the DDR4 compatible motherboard would be the only way for user to use the Alder Lake.

The Golden Cove cores supports hyper threading, this means that each Golden Cove cores can allow two threads running at once,. But the Gracemont power-efficient cores, doesn’t support hyper threading, this means that each Gracemont cores will only allow one thread running at once. While it did seems that it will contain an unusual number of cores, Intel claim that Windows 11 brings the full use of its Thread Directory tecnology online.

Normally the easiest way to run software on a CPU is to assume all the cores are the same – the advent of hyperthreading, favoured core, and other similar features meant that were applied to the operating system to help it work as intended at the hardware level. But with Intel’s hybrid design, it will add much more complexity to it. To solve that, intel built a new feature called Thread Directory. This will understand the CPU’s performance per core and efficiency per core, Thread Directory will gather all this information and reports it to the operating system. Even with this, the operating system is still in charge and it can choose to ignore the Thread Directory. But in Windows 11, it can take all the data that was given and make decision in priority level. Due to this, it means that with Windows 11, Alder Lake will work just fine, but in Windows 10, there will be some faulty.

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